Get to know Westside Hotrods

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  1. I just watched the makeover, and i was impressed. I have a 1948 Series 62 Cad for sale, and I was curious if you would like to advertise it at your shop. I can send photos if you are interested. Of course, i am expecting to pay a commission if we can work out something.

  2. Saw your shop on GARAGE MAKEOVER – my advise – redo your promo video – NOT PROFESHIONAL AT ALL – clean up you language – and your attitude !!! Richard can’t fix that –
    GOOD LUCK ! God bless

  3. I just have a comment about your “Westside Hotrods Sizzle” video on YouTube. I know you want to come across as edgy, and don’t give a shit attitude, but purely from a person who might be looking to have some work done on a hot rod or muscle car at some time, that video kind of puts me off bringing my ride to your shop. I know you’re probably thinking “who the hell is this guy, why would I give a shit what he thinks”, but as a potential customer who is thinking of spending $50,000+ on my kick ass Mopar, maybe you should be concerned about what people think. I saw the Garage Rehab show with Richard Rawlins, and whereas Richard has a certain amount of swagger about him, I can’t see him releasing a video like that, which could potentially end up costing him business.
    Anyway, I just thought it should be said…….although I’m sure it’s pissed you off.
    Good luck with the new shop John, I hope it all works out for you and your family.

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